Inspired by
the Principality of Monaco

Bull sneakers by Maripe Montecarlo

2022/06/24 09:00:00

June 24th / 25th / 26th 2022

Maripè Montecarlo will be the main sponsor of Bull Days in Montecarlo, where we will present the Bull Sneaker by Maripè Montecarlo.

Best community of Lamborghini cars owners in the world.

It all started from a simple dream: to combine the love for their land with the passion for Lamborghinis.
In 2017 this dream has become reality. In fact, Bull Days was born as a reference event of Lamborghini Club Italia, dedicated to owners of supercars of the House of the Bull.

The Bull Days community has evolved into an authentic elite.
An exclusive circle that needs no introduction. A global network that finds its original strength in the collective.
Influential figures, celebrities, star system professionals, tycoons, brokers: all of them are high-profile business people with an innate passion for Lamborghini supercars. Bull Days is Like Nobody Else.

Bull Days creates an authentic interconnection between continents, like a bridge between nations, lands, seas and seasons.